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Stockton Rush Wiki:

American businessman Richard Stockton Rush III is most known for being the co-founder and CEO of the deep-sea exploration firm OceanGate.

He and four other people including British Pakistani Businessman Shahzada Dawood died on June 18, 2023, while traveling onboard OceanGate’s submersible Titan to the Titanic’s North Atlantic wreck.

Stockton Rush: Age, and Bio

Stockton Rush Wiki, Wife, Family, Age, Net Worth, Death 2023

Stockton Rush showed an interest in aviation and aquatics as a youngster and had aspirations of being an astronaut and the first person to set foot on Mars. At the age of 12, he started scuba diving, and at the age of 18, he obtained his commercial pilot’s license. He eventually learned that his poor vision would exclude him from becoming a military pilot. He graduated from the United Airlines Jet Training Institute with a DC-8 Type/Captain’s rating when he was 19 years old.

He received his diploma from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1980. Rush graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering from Princeton University in 1984. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Master of Business Administration in 1989.

Born31 March 1962
Birth PlaceSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Age (As of 2023)61 Years
Real NameRichard Stockton Rush III
NicknamesStockton Rush
ProfessionCo-founder and CEO of OceanGate
Zodiac SignNot Known
Sex OrientationStraight
House LocationNot Known
CollegePrinceton University (BS)
University of California, Berkeley (MBA)
Educational QualificationsGraduate
EthnicityBritish White
Net Worth (as of 2023)$12 million

Stockton Rush: Height and Weight, and Body Measurements:

Height and Weight

Height (Centimeters)180 cm
Height (meters)1.8 m
Height (Inches)5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight (Kilograms)76 kg
Weight (Pounds)167 lbs

Body Measurements:

Hair ColorWhite
Eye’s ColorBlack

Stockton Rush: Family, Personal Life, and Marital Status:

Rush was raised in a wealthy San Francisco family. Richard Stockton Rush, Jr. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Ellen Rush (née Davies), of San Francisco, had five children together; he was the youngest. Ralph K. Davies served as his maternal grandfather. The Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco is named after his maternal grandmother Louise Davies, a philanthropist. He was a direct descendant of Benjamin Rush, a doctor, and Richard Stockton, another signer of the Declaration of Independence, through his father.

Stockton Rush Wiki, Wife, Family, Age, Net Worth, Death 2023

Parents and Family

Father NameRichard Stockton Rush, Jr.
Mother NameEllen Rush
Brother NameNot Known
Sister NameNot Known

Marital Status and Relationship

In 1986, Rush married Wendy Weil. Two kids were born to the couple. Isidor and Ida Blun Straus’ great-great-granddaughter Wendy Weil Rush lost both of her parents in the sinking of the Titanic. She is the director of communications at OceanGate.

Marital StatusMarried
WifeWendy Weil

Stockton Rush: Wife

1. Wendy Weil (Director of Communication at OceanGate) (-2023)

Stockton Rush Wiki, Wife, Family, Age, Net Worth, Death 2023

Stockton Rush: Career

Prior to obtaining his MBA, Rush spent a short time as a flight test engineer for McDonnell Douglas after graduating from Princeton. Later, Rush worked as a venture capitalist for Peregrine Partners in San Francisco. He relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1989 to operate the Kirkland, Washington-based business Remote Control Technology.

Since he was a young boy, Rush had been fascinated by space and aircraft travel, and as an adult, his interests shifted to include deep-sea research. He started diving in Puget Sound, which took a lot of time and specialized equipment. In his opinion, “being in a sub, and being nice and cozy, and having a hot chocolate with you, beats the heck out of freezing and going through a two-hour decompression hanging in deep water.” Rush originally considered purchasing Steve Fossett’s submersible vehicle after Fossett’s passing in 2007, but when he went to acquire it, he discovered there were only about 100 privately owned submarines in the world and was unable to do so.

Instead, he built a small submersible using plans that a former U.S. Navy submarine captain gave him. Rush built a 12-foot-long submarine that could dive to a depth of 30 feet. He had made his first submarine dive in British Columbia the same year.

The Passenger Vessel Safety Act of 1993, a United States law governing the construction of commercial vessels, “needlessly prioritized passenger safety over commercial innovation,” in Rush’s opinion. Rush’s experience and research led him to believe that submersibles had an unjustified reputation as dangerous vehicles due to their use in transporting commercial divers. In 2009, Rush and business partner Guillermo Söhnlein created OceanGate after hiring marketing research that revealed there was a substantial market for underwater ocean tourism. Rush claims that the company’s objective was to leverage commercial tourism to fund the creation of new deep-diving submersibles that would enable other business endeavors like resource extraction and disaster relief.

Rush led an excursion in the San Juan Islands in 2018 with scientists and researchers to study the red sea urchin and the sand lance’s habitat. In 2022, Rush and four other people made their way to the Titanic’s wreck, but difficulties with the pilot’s controller hampered their examination of the wreckage. Rush visited the Titanic at least 13 times by the year 2023. Prior to the June 2023 dive, Rush was sued in Florida by a couple who claimed that their 2018 dive to the Titanic had been continually postponed and canceled. The couple contended that Rush’s conduct prevented them from receiving a refund.


  1. OceanGate

Stockton Rush Net Worth:

Stockton Rush Wiki, Wife, Family, Age, Net Worth, Death 2023
Net Worth in 2023$12 Million
Income SourceBusiness

Stockton Rush: Titanic Expedition and Death

Stockton Rush Wiki, Wife, Family, Age, Net Worth, Death 2023

Rush was on board the Titan, a submersible owned and built by OceanGate, Inc., when it lost touch with the surface ship MV Polar Prince on June 18, 2023. The Titan was on its way to view the Titanic debris. The United States, Canada, and France provided water and air help for search and rescue operations.

On June 22, OceanGate said that it suspected Rush and the other four passengers had “sadly been lost” following the finding of a debris field about 490 meters (1,600 ft) from the Titanic’s bow. Later, the debris discovered was consistent with a catastrophic failure of the pressure hull, which resulted in the deaths of everyone on board, according to a news conference held by the United States Coast Guard.


What is Stockton Rush’s Net Worth?

It is $12 Million as of 2023.

Who was Stockton Rush married to?

Rush was married to Wendy Weil.

Why he is in the news?

On June 18, 2023, while on a tourist excursion to see the Titanic disaster, Stockton Rush, Shahzada Dawood, and his son Suleman Dawood, then 19 years old, died along with two other people.

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