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Raj Peter Bhakta American businessman, spirits industry executive, property investor, and former media and political figure was born in 1975. In 2023, Raj Bhakta Net Worth is $200 million. In this article, we’ll discuss Raj Bhakta Net Worth, Wife, Parents, and School in 2023.

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Raj Bhakta Wife, Net Worth, Wiki:

Bhakta was born in Oxford Circle, Philadelphia, to a Gujarati, Indian father from Kathor, close to Surat, Gujarat, and an Irish mother. He then relocated to Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, where he grew up. Bhakta obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and History with a specialization in Finance from Boston College in 1998 after leaving The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

In 2010, Danhee Kim, a Columbia University alumna, was working as Bhakta’s executive assistant. Kim eventually served as the company’s director of marketing and sales for Bhakta’s WhistlePig whisky. In 2013 the pair got married and settled in Vermont. In 2017, the pair relocated to Vero Beach, Florida. Raj Bhakta Net Worth is $200 million in 2023.

Raj Bhakta Net Worth
BornDecember 7, 1975
Birth PlacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S
Age (As of 2023)47 Years
Real NameRaj Peter Bhakta
Professional NameRaj Bhakta
WifeDanhee Kim (2013-present)
Father’s NameNot Known (under review)
Mother’s NameNot Known (under review)
ProfessionAmerican businessman, spirits industry executive, property investor, and former media and political figure
Net Worth(2023)$200 million
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Sex OrientationStraight
School & CollegeBoston College (BA)
Educational QualificationsGraduate
ChildrenNot Known
HeightNot Known (under review)
WeightNot Known (under review)
Hair ColorNot Known (under review)
Eye ColorNot Known (under review)

Bhakta competed in The Apprentice’s second season in 2004 as a competitor. In addition, he founded the premium whisky business WhistlePig. He ran as a Republican for the 13th district of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives in 2006, but he was defeated by incumbent Democrat Allyson Schwartz.

Raj Bhakta Business Career:

Raj Bhakta

Bhakta started his career as an investment banker in New York City at Violy & Co. Bhakta later established the technology business Automovia, which specializes in the appraisal of used cars. After that, he oversaw the construction of the Apex Vail condominiums in Vail, Colorado.

Bhakta won the bidding for the Green Mountain College campus in Poultney, Vermont, in August 2020.

Alan Autry Television Career:

Bhakta had an appearance on The Apprentice, a business reality television program, in the autumn of 2004. Bhakta was dismissed by Trump in the ninth episode of the program when he asked Anna Kournikova and Donald Trump’s assistant out on dates. His interactions with women provided material for tabloid gossip columns like Page Six of the New York Post and his penchant for bow ties was linked with a rise in bow tie sales.

Raj Bhakta Political Career:

Raj Bhakta 3

Bhakta promoted Social Security reform in discussions with Congressional leadership after his appearance on The Apprentice. Bhakta has appeared on CNN’s Crossfire and was a guest on MSNBC, Fox News, and those networks.

He ran for and won the Republican nomination for the 13th congressional district with the help of Thomas J. Ellis, the party’s choice for Montgomery County Board of Commissioners chairman. Bhakta was defeated by Democrat incumbent Allyson Schwartz by more than 30 points in the general election. Due to Bhakta’s history on The Apprentice, his attention-grabbing campaign strategies, and his reputation as a playboy, his campaign attracted a substantial amount of national media interest.

Bhakta’s judgment and suitability to serve as a leader came under scrutiny throughout the campaign because of his two DUI arrests (in 1997 and 2004). When news of the arrests broke during the campaign, Bhakta remarked, “Politicians today need to come clean,” adding, “I ask for the forgiveness and understanding of the voters, while giving them my solemn pledge that this behavior will not happen again.”

On October 10, 2006, Bhakta rode an elephant for 90 minutes along the border while being accompanied by a six-man mariachi band to demonstrate how simple it is to cross the US-Mexico border. Since they stayed on private land near the Rio Grande in Texas, neither Bhakta nor the mariachi band breached the law by crossing the border. Bhakta claimed that he got the inspiration after witnessing a Mexican guy cross the Rio Grande without authorization.

Bhakta was able to capture the man’s unauthorized crossing on camera and secure the man’s detention by border guards. The protest brought Bhakta’s effort to the attention of the country. Bill O’Reilly, Rita Cosby, Glenn Beck, and John Gibson spoke with Bhakta. The true issue here, according to Bhakta, is not the underprivileged Mexican immigrant who wants to come here for a better life. “This is a creative and very effective way of showing it,” he continued, “the border security is a joke.”

The Philadelphia Daily News reported on November 7, 2006, that Bhakta’s campaign conducted “stunning” automated campaign calls to houses in Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia outlining the allegations in 18 lawsuits against an abortion clinic started by Schwartz.

WhistlePig Whiskey:

Bhakta established the WhistlePig brand of rye whisky, which was first introduced as a non-distiller manufacturer that bottled Canadian whisky from the Alberta Premium distillery, which is owned by Fortune Brands in Alberta, Canada. Beginning in 2007, he bought land in Vermont and constructed a new distillery and aging facility for the company there. In 2010, the company’s formal launch took place.

After being accused of fraud and poor management, Bhakta was ejected from WhistlePig. In 2019, he completely left the business after selling all of his holdings.

Bhakta Spirits:

Raj Bhakta 5

Bhakta started his new business, Bhakta Spirits, in Shoreham, Vermont, after leaving WhistlePig. While on vacation in Gers, France, in 2019, Bhakta negotiated the purchase of a unique supply of old Armagnac brandies. These spirits, with vintages ranging from 1868 to 1970, served as the foundation for his brand-new company, Bhakta Spirits.

Bhakta bought the brandy stocks, along with the Condom, and took them back to Vermont for mixing and marketing after taking possession of the Gers chateau where they were discovered. In July 2020, he introduced BHAKTA 50, his signature brandy.

Bhakta paid $5.9 million to buy the Whiteface Ranch in Indian River County, Florida, in 2019, and he started making rum there.

Raj Bhakta: FAQs

Who Raj Bhakta Wife is?

Raj Bhakta Wife is Danhee Kim. In 2013, Danhee Kim got married to Raj Bhakta and settled in Vermont. In 2017, the pair relocated to Vero Beach, Florida.

What is Raj Bhakta Net Worth?

Raj Bhakta Net Worth is $200 million in 2023.

Who is the owner of WhistlePig?

The WhistlePig brand of rye whisky was established by businessman Raj Bhakta. According to legend, the name was inspired by a hiker Bhakta met in Colorado in 2003 who warned him to look out for a whistling pig (groundhog).

Who is the CEO of Bhakta Spirits?

Sean O’Rourke is the CEO of Bhakta Spirits.

How much did Green Mountain College sell for?

WCAX/POULTNEY, Vermont – Green Mountain College in Poultney sold for $4,550,000 on Tuesday afternoon. That amount is far less than the initial asking price of $20,000,000. On a screen at the former Green Mountain College, curious neighborhood residents observed the sale.

What is happening with Green Mountain College?

Closure. Robert W. Allen, the president of Green Mountain, declared on January 23, 2019, that the institution will dissolve that summer, despite receiving a loan from the Department of Agriculture Rural Development Community Facilities Programmes in 2018.

Why is whistling pig so expensive?

The whiskies have gotten older as the series has gone on, the finishing techniques have been more creative, and the packaging has gotten fancier. The selling price of these exceptional rye whiskies, which cost $500 per bottle, has not changed since 2017 despite an expanding worldwide market.

Why is WhistlePig so good?

WhistlePig 10 year is a 100 proof, 100% rye whisky that is exceptionally clean and delicious. The whisky is a little different from other rye whiskies since it is 100% pure rye. Although it has the typical natural sting of whisky, the aftertaste is significantly smoother and also has a trace of sweetness.

What is the largest family-owned spirits company?

The largest privately held, family-run spirits company in the world is Bacardi Limited. Its Bacard brand of white rum was its original claim to fame, but it today boasts a portfolio of more than 200 brands and trademarks.

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